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Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy Granite is a popular black stone that has small gold, copper and white flecks that resemble stars in the sky. It is a strong visual statement and highly durable material for countertops.

It also does not need to be sealed often, unlike quartz benchtops. However, it is still a dense stone that may stain.

Black stone kitchen benchtop Sydney

Whether you want to make your kitchen feel spacious or add a dramatic colour to a modern design, a black galaxy stone benchtop is sure to look great. It also harmonises well with white-coloured cabinets and is a stunning accent to dark or monochromatic colours.

The most common natural stones used for kitchen benchtops are marble and granite, which have excellent durability, strength and hard-wearing properties. However, it is important to choose the right material for your home and kitchen needs.

When choosing a stone, you need to consider its price and appearance, as well as whether it will be heat resistant or scratch-resistant. You may also wish to think about stains and staining agents, as some materials are more resistant than others.

Black quartz benchtop Sydney

Choosing the right stone benchtop for your kitchen can make a big difference in your budget and style. Whether you prefer quartz or engineered stone, there are many options available.

Engineered stone benchtops are on trend and look like natural stone but offer durability. They are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Essastone is a popular option for people who want the look of stone but don’t have the budget for granite or marble. It is made from crushed quartz that’s bound together with resin, which offers a non-porous work surface resistant to stains and scratches.

Caesarstone is also an option for people who want the look of stone without the bulk or upkeep. It is a mix of quartz aggregates, polymer resins and organic pigments that provide strength and durability.

black marble benchtops Sydney

A black galaxy stone benchtop in Sydney is a timeless design statement. This dark marble looks stunning in contemporary homes with Modernist aesthetics.

This black stone can be used with white doors for a modern style that will stand the test of time. Alternatively, it can be contrasted with dark woodgrain or modern cabinetry that has a Modernist feel.

It also reflects light well, making it look more roomier and luxurious. This material will last for many years with the right care and maintenance.

Granite is a durable natural stone that is resistant to impacts and abrasions. It is also less prone to scratching and etching, making it perfect for kitchen benchtops.

It is available in different shades and can be polished to a high shine for an elegant look. This makes it the perfect choice for a kitchen or other interior applications like bathroom, flooring, patio flooring, wall cladding and fireplaces. It can be installed in any size or shape and is available in varied thicknesses.

black marble benchtop kitchen Sydney

A black galaxy stone benchtop in Sydney will add the ultimate finishing touch to your contemporary kitchen. This stunning stone will enhance your design aesthetics and is sure to stand out from the crowd.

This one-of-a-kind marble from Carrara, Italy has a base of light greys against a white background that is interrupted with bold brown veining and reds reminiscent of Italian wine. Perfect for cladding, flooring, furniture, or kitchen benchtops, this natural stone is a true work of art that will make a lasting impression.

While marble is one of the most beautiful stones available, it’s also a bit more difficult to maintain than other materials. It’s porous, so it can soak up stains and spills (like red wine and coffee).

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