Black Granite Countertops Sydney

When you want to upgrade the look of your kitchen or undertake a complete renovation project in the kitchen, one of the first things you think of is the materials and styling you will use. While you do want the look of the kitchen to match the look of the rest of your home, you also want to ensure that it is aesthetically appealing, modern and functional. In this respect, your choice of countertop material becomes very important and black granite countertops become an excellent option.

Why is Black Granite so appealing?

Kitchen spaces see a lot of heavy use, steam and grease; any material or colour you use there will have to be chosen keeping this fact in view. Apart from this, the material will have to be hard-wearing and durable too. No matter which way you look at it, black granite countertops checks all the boxes. Take a look at why this material is now increasingly being used for kitchen countertop installations:

  • Aesthetics- While people do want their kitchens to be hardwearing, they don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics factor. No matter which setting black is used in, it looks elegant and lends a mysterious edge. It adds depth to the room it’s installed in and can become the base colour along which the rest of the elements can be structured and designed. Many people prefer more cheery and bright-looking kitchens. In this case, you can offset the black countertop with lighter coloured cabinets, walls, flooring and window treatments.
  • Functionality and maintenance- When people are cooking, they don’t want to have to worry about whether they are going to damage the countertop in any way. They want features and materials that are resilient and easy to maintain. When you opt for black granite countertops, you can be assured that you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged, chipped or cracked. Black granite is a dense and strong natural stone that doesn’t absorb water. It repels stains and isn’t impacted by heat. Once the countertop has been installed and the edges and joints have been sealed and finished, you don’t have to do much apart from cleaning the countertop with a regular cleaning agent.
  • Cost-effective– While many people feel that black granite countertops are expensive, when you keep the longevity and strength factors in view, you get value for money. It is an investment that gives you returns a number of times over.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using black granite countertops. If you check for more information about this stone, you will find there are a range of variants and grades of black granite. We at Ausk Corporation believe that it’s always a good idea to choose the best option within your budget. If you need any more information about the different products and services we provide, simply call us at this number (02) 9199 0224. You can also contact us via email or this Contact Us form.