Granite Tiles and Pavers Sydney

Granite is being used for courtyards, buildings and roads right from ancient times. Homeowners of today can enjoy the beauty of this elegant natural stone as a part of their floorings, pavers and patios. We at AUSKstone Corporation bring to you the best of granite.

Why Select Granite For Pavers and Tiles?

Granite has always been there as a chief source of tiles and paving material all over the world. Not only does it have a classic sense of beauty, but also its high level of functionality makes it a high value material. Benefits of having granite tiles in Sydney are as follows:

  • Granite flooring looks absolutely magnificent. It is a mixture of old world charm and modern sophistication.
  • Found in a wide array of colours and patterns.
  • It is extremely hard and durable. With proper maintenance, granite flooring can last a lifetime.
  • Granite flooring is hypoallergenic, bacteria resistant. So if you are very sensitive, granite is the best choice of tiles for you.
  • It is extremely easy to maintain. One round of polish brings back its former sheen.
  • Being a non porous material, it does not absorb stains.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Widely available.

Advantages of putting granite pavers in Sydney:

  • The high durability of granite makes it an extremely good paving material.
  • Aesthetically pleasing as it blends very well with the natural surroundings.
  • Fireproof in nature.
  • Extremely low maintenance.
  • Can look polished and formal as well as rugged and natural.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Non-slip when purchased with a natural-finish surface.
  • Easy to install.

Types of Granite Pavers Sydney:

Granite pavers are available in a wide range to suit both your taste and your pocket. It offers the widest range of colours starting from light to greyish blue to dark gray, tan, yellow, green, orange, pink, red etc. The pavers are mostly available either with a smooth finish giving it a polished look or with an uneven natural finish. Granite Tiles Sydney are available in:

  • Polished granite
  • Honed granite
  • Flamed granite

Brushed granite

Why Select AUSK Corporation?

Coupled with our years of experience, we have had the reputation of providing innovative and cost effective solutions with minimum hassles. Being a top retailer of all kinds of stones in and around Australia, we have a dedicated customer base who remains assured with the quality of our services. Select us for granite tiles and granite pavers in Sydney, because of our:

  • Place mats, trivets or protective wares under hot dishes and cookwares.
  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Place mats under surfaces that can cause scratches on your granite.
  • Use coasters under glasses containing alcohol or citrus juices.
  • Clean the surfaces regularly.
  • Use sealers to protect the stone.
  • Be late in cleaning up spills.
  • Use abrasive cleaners.
  • Use alkaline cleaners not specifically designed for stone cleaning.
  • Use scouring powder.
  • Scratch the surface.
  • Apply acidic cleaners.
  • Spill vinegar, bleach.
  • 100 percent guaranteed customer satisfaction record.
  • Wide experience in installation and renovation.
  • Highly trained, licensed and expert personnel.
  • Premium quality stones.
  • Low cost.

For high quality granite pavers and granite tiles in Sydney, call us now on (02)91990224 or fill this form.