Stone Kitchen Benchtops Sydney

In earlier days, kitchen decorations were not given a lot of importance. Kitchens used to be just that place where one cooked food and washed dishes. But in recent times, the kitchen has been upgraded to much more. It is a place to dine with your loved ones, share your daily news, form and cherish bonds, host dinner parties and much more. So naturally, the much ignored kitchen needs its dose of makeover.

Benchtops are an easy and effective way in which you can give your kitchen a complete new look, while maintaining its functionality. Stone benchtops in Sydney are the “in” thing at the moment, and we at AUSK Corporation just know which one is perfect to give your kitchen that extra touch.

Why Stone Kitchen Benchtops Sydney?

Stone benchtops are another form of kitchen countertops. Not only do they look extremely stylish, here are some compelling reasons to have stone kitchen benchtops:

  • Easy to clean: These are designed to be extremely easy to clean. All you need is a mixture of water and detergent and all the dirt and grime goes away easily.
  • Resistant to stains: Spill as many sauces as you want over the counter, without any worry. The stains won’t leave a mark and even if they do they are not going to last for a really long time.
  • Heat resistant: One of the primary characteristics of this type of benchtops is that they don’t get affected by heat. So you don’t need to worry about placing that hot pan or that super hot pot from the oven on the benchtop, it will be just fine.
  • Scratch resistant: These are made of tough materials and do not scratch easily. So accidentally dropping a sharp instrument or running a knife through the benchtop should not send you in a fit of rage.
  • Durable: If properly taken care of, these benchtops are going to last a very long period of time. These are the perfect investment for your kitchen and will stay in perfect condition for a long time.
  • Easy installation procedure: If you are amidst renovation process and are already tired by it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that installation of benchtops are a rather simple process. All you need to do is to call us in AUSK Corporation for installing stone kitchen benchtops in Sydney.
  • Easy availability: This variant of benchtops is easily and widely available in a large array of colors and textures.
  • Low maintenance: Easy to install, durable and easy to clean.

Types of stone benchtops

The different types of stone benchtops are as follows:

  • Marble: Unique, elegant and sophisticated. Marble benchtops have a huge fan following. However, it is wise to remember that they are prone to scratches and stains and might need more maintenance to keep their original luster.
  • Granite: Extremely durable, long lasting and much suitable for kitchen usage. They are available in a large variety of colors and they add just the right dash of funk to your kitchen.
  • Engineered Stones: They are non-porous, highly stain-resistant and scratch resistant. They are virtually maintenance free and make your kitchen the beautiful place that it is.

Why Us?

  • Years of experience.
  • Highly trained and licensed personnel who can guide you throughout the process.
  • Innovative designs.
  • Excellent quality materials.
  • Strict quality control systems.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Prompt customer care.

For installation of high quality stone kitchen benchtops in Sydney, contact us at AUSK Corporation by filling the form. You can also call us on 02 8007 7371