Travertine Pavers and Tiles Sydney

Where can Travertine Pavers in Sydney Be Used?

Outdoor living is a trend that is here to stay. A large number of homeowners across Sydney are now focusing on adding outdoor features such as patios, decks, pergolas, pool houses, garden houses etc to their properties. They are creating stunning landscapes and ensuring that all these areas are easily accessible via pathways and walkways. When you have beautifully landscaped gardens and yards, you also want to be sure that they continue looking that way for a number of years.

The one way to ensure the durability of these outdoor installations is to use materials that are largely weather-resistant and ones that are easy to maintain and durable too. We at AUSKstone a company that has been providing high grade natural stone pavers and tiles to customers across the region. While we cater to the demands of individual homeowners, some of the most prominent architects, builders, interior designers and building contractors in Sydney procure all the tiles and pavers they require, from us.

Travertine Applications

When it comes to outdoor spaces, many people prefer to use travertine pavers in Sydney. This is a very aesthetically appealing material that is ideal for outdoor applications. It can be used for:

  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Poolscapes
  • Driveways
  • Pathways and walkways
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Under pergolas
  • In indoor spaces


Understanding what Travertine is

In short travertine pavers in Sydney are perfect for use in a range of outdoor & indoor applications. In addition, we also provide high grade travertine tiles in Sydney that can be used to clad exterior walls, outdoor kitchen walls, retaining walls and even boundary walls. So what exactly is travertine? Here are some facts:

  • This stone is essentially extracted from rock faces, much in the manner that limestone or marble is
  • Not only is this a very widely-used material in outdoor projects, but it is also used in indoor applications such as for flooring, walls and countertops
  • This stone is available in a number of colours including walnut, gold and ivory
  • It is available in tumbled/honed textures
  • We can also provide this material in a “filled” form- the cavities are filled with grout and it gets a smooth surface
  • The stone is available in premium, commercial & standard grades and the grading is based on aspects such as the number of holes, colour and uniformity etc

The Ideal Option for Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

Regardless of where you use travertine tiles in Sydney, they look attractive and elegant and the stone lends itself very well to classic and contemporary-styled spaces. It’s easily repairable and provides a non-slip surface to walk on. This stone is perfect for pool areas as its porous, doesn’t encourage pooling of water and doesn’t heat up like some other hard natural stones do.

It’s also a highly affordable stone and provides value for money. If you are looking for high quality Travertine Pavers in Sydney, AUSKstone is the company to come to. For more information, call us at 02 8007 7371 or use this form to contact us.